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Neutral configurator for air-handling units

Neutral, fast and flexible for pre-projects
The neutral configurator for air-handling units, shows guidelines for the weight, the pressure drop and the price
of each component of two air-handling units.

Regarding usable internal width and height, the configurator is based on standard filter dimensions.
The individual component doesn't have to be calculated thermodynamically. They are based on default values.

After input of the air flows and the maximum permissible speeds relative to the air filter, a range of dimensions is

With "Drag and drop", the individual components can be selected and the external pressure losses can be
As a result we obtain all essential data for both air-handling units and this at a time expenditure of only a few

Interactive supported languages : German, English, French, Italian, Russian

Download AHU1
30 days free trial, version 14.5.1, size 11 MB

Web demo-version of AHU1 is available on : 

Screenshot of AHU diagram with element list

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Screenshot of AHU drawing

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