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Dynamic Equipment Handling


Determination of the annual energy needs, operating costs, the capital costs, the payback period and the CO2-saving for air conditioning units with heating and cooling recovery. Worldwide meteorological data can be scanned and processed. The software was developed under Excel; interface to the Mollier HX diagram and diverse HVAC software. 

The DEH software calculates not only the entire energy needs of air conditioning units, but also the operating costs (heat, cold, electricity, water), the amortization time for the use of 4 different energy recovery systems, and the reduction in CO2. Thereby the knowledge of the meteorological data is of central importance. That the energy requirement of an air conditioning unit depends not only on the values for winter and summer, but also by the way of interpolation and extrapolation for all intermediate values, many planning engineers has already realized.

Some years ago we have decided for linearity concerning temperature and absolute humidity of the air supply and exhaust air in relation to the values of the outside air, because with this model results the largest energy need. In the meantime, however, a trend is clear to be interested in a majority for a model where the energy need is lowest. Our clients receive both calculation models in order to limit the energy need.

With the MDI software we offer an interface for global meteorological data. With its help the annual data for 8760 hours, according to the representation of DIN 4710, can be summarized. The global warming by the IPCC can be considered for planning in future periods. For the assignment of service hours, input tables for the day and night are available.

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