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Our DLLs for your HVAC software

ZCS provides a set of calculation libraries (Dlls), which can be integrated and use in your software.

All libraries are written in the programming language Fortran, which allows you fast calculation of the AHU components.
Following libraries, for example, can be integrated in your own software for unit design and element selection:

  • 01 Calculation of the heat exchangers:

    - HeaterFX.dll - heater calculation
    - CoolerFX.dll - cooler calculation
    - CondenserFX.dll - condenser calculation
    - DXEvaporatorFX.dll - DX humidifier calculation
    - RCEvaporatorFX.dll - RC humidifier calculation
    - CO2SCCoolerFX.dll - CO2 refrigerant calculation

  • - CCSAfx.dll - calculation of the annual energy savings and payback time
    - CCSBfx.dll - heat recovery system for winter and summer
    - CCSDfx.dll - heat recovery system for winter and summer
    - CCSFfx.dll - heat recovery system for the winter, transitions, and summer sultriness

  • - HumidifierFx.dll - humidifier calculation
    - MixingFx.dll - mixing air calculation
    - FanEffectFx.dll - fan calculation

Download ZCS Dlls, 30 days free trial, size 3 MB