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Since 2010 in all our prices 2 years subscription are included. In this time you receive tax-free the actual version on request. In this time you receive tax-free our help in all kind of problems. For deliveries, no taxes are to pay, that reason always the price net is valid Upon receipt of your order you receive our invoice with our bank account.

Calculation of Heat Exchangers

Calculation of all processes with air humid in fin coil, plate, rotor and flat tube heat exchangers. A part of the software is available as a single license as well as floating license for server. The price of a floating license depends on how many clients want to work simultaneously with it.
Another part of the software is available as Excel applications. 

The high language applications have been developed to find a solution in a short time and are especially suitable for air-handling
unit factories and planning engineers. Demo versions are available for free. There are all coil geometries available.
The total measurements of the fin coil heat exchanger are entered, means including frame and collector.

We offer single licenses for working places and floating licenses for server which assist the whole network. In this case the prices are
given by how many clients like to work at the same time with the application.

All applications work with the downloadable “Fin Coil Price” and "Fin Coil Geometry" application, which is available for free. The material
prices, working time factors, based on an average production, the address, the conditions and the VDI ratio for higher or lower heat transfer
coefficient, are based on measurements, can be entered. The possibility is also given, to work with more or less risk management by increasing
or decreasing the heat transfer coefficient. You can modify the fouling factor for the agent and the air side and you can mix two
heat transfer theories on the air side; the old theory gives too high values, the new theory provides to low values (VDI Wärmeatlas,
ASHRAE Handbook Fundamentals, etc.).